You want to register your trademark? This is a rather complicated task, including a lot of steps and details. Why take responsibilty for the things in which you are not expert and which can simply waste your time ?

Instead of studying how to prepare, compile or file an application, you had better to turn to Patent Attorney. Patent Attorney will give you any advice you need, file your application and deal with it until the final decision on registrability of your trademark is made. Patent Attorney will keep your file, keep you aware of the procedure, forward you any filing documents, Patent Office`s information and represent you in the Patent Office.

In addition to the above Patent Attorney will monitor Patent Office`s decisions. In case Patent Attorney finds that a decision made by the Patent Office violates your rights, he /she will inform you about it. Patent Attorney will analyse the situation, indicate you the possible solutions and their results. Anyhow, it is you who will decide what to do.

In case you have decided to protect your rights, Patent Attorney will file a dispute, opposition, complaint or suit and represent you in Appeal Board or Court. He/she will represent you in the protection of your industrial rights at Customs or before the third persons.

Patent Attorney knows the theory of industrial property rights, included the trademark theory and practice. He/she is able to link them with appropriate regulations. With the aid of Patent Attorney your rights will be protected better.

As a rule, the use of Patent Attorney`s aid repays itself also in financial terms. Choosing the best option and avoiding mistakes, you can escape big expenses in the future. Considering the fact that a trademark is valid from the filing date and for 10 years after registration, you can see that the expenses made cover a very long period. So Patent Attorney`s services will not prove so expensive at all.

Patent Attorney will keep his/her eye on the extension of validity, inform you about the nearing term, with your consent prepare the application for extension and pay the appropriate fee.

Patent Attorney will also consult you in the questions of the use of the trademark or on assigments of its rights.

Patent Attorney will show you the measures which allow to rise the protectability and extent of protection. He /she will suggest you making registrations in other countries or making international registrations.

Patent Attorney can offer you signs registrable as trademarks. He/she will make searches to consider the registrability of your trademark.

It is easy to settle with Patent Attorney. If an order letter and Power of Attorney are available, Patent Attorney will first pay for you all necessary fees. The invoice will be presented after receiving the official note about taking the application into proceeding.

To the invoice are enclosed a filing report, application documents, Patent Office`s note. On the invoice are indicated exact name of your trademark and application number. The state fee, service fee and turnover tax are noted separately. A client should indicate his turnover tax payer number.

Besides trademarks, you can find help from Patent Attorney in protection of your inventions and industrial designs.

If you prefer, Patent Attorney is ready to come to your place.

So, don`t hesitate to turn to us, our services are just for you!